Empowering our clients to take control of their wealth and use the law in their favor.

Holker Law Offices, PLLC is a Minnesota law firm with a focus on estate planning and asset protection. From our office in Champlin, we combine savvy tax planning strategies with a comprehensive approach to asset protection that helps families keep more of their wealth where it belongs: in their own pockets. We believe that Minnesota families have the right to use every legal means available to them in protecting their property for future generations, and we do our best to help them do exactly that.

Regardless of your age or stage of life, we can provide you with sound, practical advice that will help maximize estate tax exemptions and secure your wealth against unscrupulous creditors. As a firm, we've helped our clients protect millions of dollars worth of assets and we can help you safeguard your property as well.

We are also proud to have the privilege of representing senior veterans as well as other senior citizens in matters of elder law. If you are residing in a nursing home or other long term care facility, we may be able to help keep them from seizing your home to pay for your expenses. Contact our Champlin office today to speak with an estate planning and asset protection lawyer who has clients in 74 Minnesota counties and has helped over 6,000 families establish comprehensive estate plans. Let us help you protect more of your wealth for future generations.

Areas of Practice

Estate Planning

Let’s face it: estate planning isn’t something that families generally look forward to. However, taking action sooner rather than later when it comes to establishing a comprehensive estate plan can mean far less expense and stress in the future for everyone concerned. Putting a sound will or trust in place with the assistance of a dedicated Champlin estate planning attorney not only helps guarantee that your assets will be distributed among your loved ones after your death - it also protects your rights and your dignity in the event of incapacitation or other undesirable developments. At Holker Law Offices, PLLC we make asset protection the cornerstone of our estate planning services. We know how to help you make wise use of the law to maximize your estate tax exemptions. Contact our office today to speak with an experienced estate planning lawyer about establishing wills, trusts, family limited partnerships, advance health directives, powers of attorney, and other legal tools available to you for putting together an estate plan that will secure your wealth. We also assist with facilitating the process of trust administration on behalf of trustees.

Estate Administration

When a person dies and leaves a will behind, the will typically has to go through the probate process in order to become legally valid. The process of probate is overseen by the estate’s personal representative, who is either appointed in the will itself or else appointed by the State of Minnesota. The personal representative is expected to account for and gather the assets of the deceased, honor legitimate debts to creditors, and then distribute the remainder of an estate in accordance with the instructions in the will. Sometimes family members may challenge the validity of a will, in which case litigation becomes a serious possibility. Together, the probate process and any will contests involved are known as estate administration. Estate administration can be very complicated, time-consuming, and expensive without legal representation. The best way to secure a favorable outcome during probate or a will contest is to work with a dedicated estate administration attorney. An estate administration lawyer can help you save valuable time and money, and in some cases, may even be able to help you avoid probate completely.

Elder Law and Elder Care

Elder law is a legal area that encompasses many different practice areas, including asset protection, tax planning, estate planning, and others. What all elder law or elder care matters have in common is they concern the well-being of our senior citizens, be they family members, neighbors, or other loved ones. If you are a senior citizen with serious questions about asset protection, housing opportunities, resident rights in long term care facilities, will and trust planning, Medicaid, or similar topics, call a seasoned Champlin elder law attorney at Holker Law Offices, PLLC today. We have helped countless seniors protect their assets against nursing home costs by making wise use of Medicaid annuities that are in compliance with the federal Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993 (as well as through other means) and we may be able to help you do the same. We have also assisted numerous veterans with understanding their rights and their legal options in matters of elder law and elder care and look forward to many more years of serving those who have served our country. Contact an understanding elder law lawyer today to find out more.

Tax Planning

If you are concerned about how Minnesota state and federal taxes may impact your wealth, you’re right to be. Estate taxes and income taxes on 401(K) accounts can significantly affect an individual’s assets unless they’re prepared with an informed tax strategy ahead of time. A tax planning attorney can assist you with finding legal ways to protect your wealth from state and federal tax agencies and keep it in the hands of you and and your loved ones. At Holker Law Firm, PLLC we assist clients with utilizing family gift programs, grantor retained annuity trusts, and other available tax planning tools to help minimize estate, income, and federal taxes. We also advise them how to protect retirement plans and 401(k) plans from income taxes and other tax liabilities. We know how to make your tax planning needs part of your estate plan and coordinate the provisions of existing federal law with Minnesota state law and exemptions to further reduce your estate taxes. Contact an experienced tax planning lawyer to get started on protecting your wealth from unnecessary taxation today. We look forward to helping you make the most of state and federal tax law.

Real Estate

For most families, buying or selling a home is one the largest transactions they’ll ever engage in. Unfortunately, families who conduct closings without the assistance of a dedicated real estate attorney can needlessly expose themselves to fraud, litigation, or other unwanted contingencies. As a potential buyer or seller of a piece of real estate property, the best way to see that your assets are protected during a real estate closing is to have legal representation at every step of the way. At Holker Law Firm, PLLC we help our clients perform title searches, obtain title insurance, draw up sound purchase offers, and deal with any problems that come up during home inspections. Legal counsel during a real estate transaction isn’t just to protect yourself against acts of bad faith, either - realtors may have the best intentions, but simple human error can undermine the validity of a contract and decimate an investment. Let a skilled Champlin real estate lawyer review any transactions you're involved in and help make your new house feel like a home instead of a legal headache. We also represent parties in commercial transactions.